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Replacing Rim on a Stoneware Crock

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This crock came to us from a collector who claimed it is rare and valuable. Most of the rim was broken off and missing. There are more than one method to create a new rim but in this case, given the required continuity and unevenness, throwing the rim on the potter's wheel was the selected option.

If you need to see the a more detailed tutorial covering mending, filling, sanding, painting and glazing, visit this link or below.

Step-by-Step Illustrations:

broken lime stone sculpture
Stoneware crock with broken / missing rim

drilling holes in sculpture
Small portion remain and used for a reference making the new rim

markeing the break edge
Cut off existing rim portion with diamond blade
marking the drilled holes
Keep cut off pieces for a later reference

Center crock on the potter's wheel. Use stone-ware clay and place a coil over the broken rim

removing paper
Shape the new rim

Smooth rim with chamois

After clay dried a bit, cut rim to segments so that the 5-8% shrinkage will take place without using new rim proper fit

clean dust
Clay dried yielding gaps between the segments. Number segments with underglaze for ease of placement after firing
scrape old glue
Remove dried segments

brush and clean surfaces
Fire segment in kiln
dry run fit
Epoxy fired segment to their proper locations
mix epoxy
Fill gaps; we use PC-11 epoxy - see link

wait for curing
Sand the cured epoxy filler see more detailed tutorial here

mix filler epoxy with stone dust
Mix colors ready for air brushing. This project required 9 color. Painting tutorial for more info

Air brush gun used

Base color

All colors and effects applied

Cold glaze applied

Ready for shipment

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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson

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