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Art Appraisal Services
Jacqueline Williams Snyder ISA. AM. BFA. MA, Lakeside Pottery Affiliate

We often are asked "does it make sense to restore my broken item", "what is the value of my art?", "will it's value change once repaired and restored?" Figuring out how much art is worth and then whether to repair, buy or sell your art work requires an experienced art appraiser. The appraiser researches and analyzes specifics pertaining to the art itself, the artist's background information, and the current markets and trends for that art before determining how much it's worth.

After a long journey to find a qualified appraiser to refer you to, we found Jacqueline who is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. If you wish to decide if it makes sense to use Lakeside Pottery for restoring your damaged item, or you wish to know what will your item's value be after it is restored, please contact Jacqueline Williams Snyder, Lakeside Pottery's affiliate, to receive an appraisal at a fee. Jacqueline's appraisals including Insurance Replacement, Fair Market, Charitable Contributions, Damaged Items, Division of Property, Estates, Expert Witness. International Society of Appraisers Accredited. Bachelor of Fine Arts University of California. University of Maryland Appraisal Certificates. Serving a broad range of clients including the insurance industry, private parties, restoration companies, attorneys, museums, non-profits and foundations. Serving all the 50 States and International. More about Jacqueline

Call: 949.249.9999
Email: jacqueline@appraisalservices.cc

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