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mug is complete and ready for shippment to customer

Custom made Mug | Design and Throwing Lesson

Below is a step by step illustration of throwing, trimming, handle pulling and glazing a custom made mug to a very specific customer requirements spec. The efforts starts with understanding what the customer would like to achieve and how he / she is planning to use it. The finished product is white stoneware and is functional and durable (microwave oven, oven, dishwasher). Because it is high fired, one must remember to factor in the shrinkage. In our case, the clay shrinks 13% through the full process of drying, bisque firing (cone 06) and glaze firing (cone 6).

Making a Mug: Pottery Wheel Lesson

Custom made mug with specific glaze design
Custom mug specifications
Cut clay with cutting wire
Cut off 1 3/4 lb. clay

Wedge clay - white stoneware
Wedge clay
Place clay on wheel's bat in center
Place on wheel

How much clay do I need for a mug? See link

Center clay
Center clay
bring clay down to size while centered
Push, while centered, to size
Pull tclay walls to size
Pull wall to dimensions
Pull walls up
Pull clay walls up

Pull walls to the specified height
Pull to dimensions
Measure mug's walls height
Verify wall height

Measure mug's width
Verify width
Smooth walls - mudd tools red rib
Smooth walls with a rib
Throwing mug is complete
Throwing portion is complete
Place up-side-down and center - trimming
Center upside down for trimming
Trim bottom
Trim to specifications
Trimming is complete
Trimming is complete

Pulll handle
Pull handle
Dry handle a bit by waiitng or heating a bit
Dry handle a bit - wait or use heat

Apply handle to top of mug
Apply handle on top of mug
Apply handle to bottom of mug
Apply handle to bottom

Shape handle to specifications
Refine handle shape
Required drawings
Drawing requirements per customer

Trace drawing on mug before clay dries
Trace design as specified
Mug after bisquing to cone 06
Mug is bisqued (cone 06)

mug glazed with two glazes - clear and brown glazes
Mug is glazed on bottom
Paint black underglaze on traced lines
Paint traced lines with underglaze

mug is complete and ready for shippment to customer
Apply clear glaze and glaze fire
mug details close up
Finished mug - close-up

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