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Packing & Shipping Instructions

Please ship your items to the address below. We will notify you when parcel arrives. The Shipping Form below must be included with your package. A 50% deposit is required (include check in the package or via the link below).

IMPORTANT: We only accept packages that have already received a formal estimate. To receive an estimate, click: Estimate Request

Lakeside Pottery Studio
35576 Peregrine Road
Lewes, DE 19958

IMPORTANT: 50% Deposit is required prior to drop off, and the Shipping Restoration Form must be completed and brought over with your item(s)

Drop off can be arranged by appointment only in our Lewes, DE Studio


Restoration shipping form

In your parcel, please include the Shipping Form after you have filled it out and signed it. Shipping Form is mandatory for all restoration - please see below for why it is so important that you include it with your parcel

DEPOSIT: Check or Charge Card

A 50% deposit via check can be included with your parcel in an envelop, or you may pay here online. Please make checks payable to "Lakeside Pottery". Please click below to pay your 50% deposit

50% deposit - online payment

Packing instructions:

Wrap each piece separately in bubble wrap.

Place all small fragments in an envelop or a ziplock bag.

Place in a sturdy box and allow about 2" of foam peanuts or bubble wrap buffer between each of the broken segments and between the wall of the box.

The larger and heavier the item is, a larger buffer you will need.

We ask that you pack it in "double boxes" (see picture below on right) having the inside box float in the second box with foam peanuts or bubble wrap in between the two boxes without empty spaces.

Tightly & compactly fill all voids with foam peanuts or bubble wrap. DO NOT leave any voids. This will insure that no movement occurs during shipping.

Paper or towels are NOT GOOD materials for packing.

See example in this link of bad packing (badly damaged).

If you find it difficult packing it yourself, UPS and FedEx can do it for you for an additional fee. Request "double boxing".

We prefer UPS.

NOTE: Some states outlawed the use of peanuts. In these cases, bubble wrap is recommended to be used instead as a barrier.

Example of "double boxing"
Double Boxing Example 1
Example of "double boxing"
Peanuts (or bubblewrap) on all sides

When your package is received:

1) We contact you to let you know that we have received the package

2) We inspect the broken item(s) to verify that the actual damage is consistent with photos and description that was provided through the Estimate Request process. Over 90% of the time, we do not find any discrepancy. When we do see additional and uncounted damage, we call to discuss and determine an action plan jointly, with customer's input.

3) We verify that the 50% deposit is either in the package or has been paid online.

4) We verify that the required form has been completed and has been signed. This form will accompany the item(s) throughout the process to insure your preferences (e.g., repair level, shipping address, shipping insurance amount, etc.)

5) We schedule the project, create a job number, enter it in a dedicated bin with the form you have included.

When your project is completed:

1) We send you an E-mail with photos of the completed repair for your review and approvals.

2) We email you your invoice that can be paid on-line by charge card or PayPal (we do not accept checks for balance due).

3) When the balance has been settled, we pack your item(s) and include care instructions.

4) We mail the box using UPS to the address you have specified in the form and insure it for the amount you specify in the shipping form.

5) We always love to know that your item has arrived await to receive your impression of our workmanship.

We ship anywhere within the USA and Canada. Please note that with items shipped to Canada, we do not cover any carrier handling and customs fees, and taxes.

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