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Morty's Corporate Bio

Morty Bachar Corporate Bio

Before deciding to be devoted to pottery, ceramic art and art restoration, Morty Bachar has held several executive positions leading Product Development for high tech companies.

Morty was the founder / CEO of an Intellectual Property Company, 9Volt Partners (a "Think Tank"), where several business concepts utilizing technology were developed. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Product Development at RetailDNA, a Walker Digital company. He was responsible for design teams developing products to increase sales at a store level and web based using the following technologies and concepts: Voice Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Computer/Web Based Training, Up-selling, Consumer Display, Advertising, Efficient Order Fulfillment. Morty also managed patent applications, development activities of business partners and subcontractors in several locations in the US and Canada.

Prior to joining RetailDNA, Morty Bachar was Vice President, Engineering and Operations of Electronic Retailing Systems International, Inc, a provider of electronic shelf labeling and retail self-checkout systems (sold to IBM).

He also served as Vice President of Engineering at Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc., where he was responsible for all software and hardware PC multimedia product development.  Prior to Voyetra Turtle Beach, Mr. Bachar was Director of Development and Program Management at Executone Information Systems, Inc. for the Computer Telephony Division.  He also worked at IPC Information Systems, a telecommunications firm serving the financial stock trading community, where he held a number of technical and management positions in the product development area. Bachar received Electrical Engineering degrees from Bramson Ort and from the New York Institute of Technology. Prior to arriving to NY, he served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Other activities: Was a board memebr of The Wildlife Orphanage, Connecticut.

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