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Kintsugi artist:
Morty Bachar

Rebirth or New beginning

kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi repair lesson

Rebirth, new beginning
"Rebirth" or "New Beginning" Japanese characters can be added for additional $35 or $80 for real gold

Pottery with gold effect for sale - kintsugi Kintsukuroi wabi-sabi art

Our Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi art pottery for sale in our online gift gallery is made with 23.5 Karat gold or with our developed Gold Effect which is a blend of brass, copper and zinc metal creating a durable realistic gold appearance almost indistinguishable from our real gold process - see how it is done..

We also offer custom made Kintsugi using your pottery or from our pottery inventory - custom Kintsugi page.

Real gold Kintsugi is indicated with "23.5 Karat Gold" below gallery items.

The Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi pottery art shown in the gallery below cannot be used functionally and is intended for display only.

How to order and buy Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi Repaired Pottery Gift For Sale?

Send us an email (click to email) and request the item you wish to buy (e.g., 2B, $170). We will reply to your request with a confirmation note and online invoice. We will mail your selected Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi art shortly after. Glossy post card will be included with each item purchased: Link to Gold Effect Post card or link to 23.5 Karat gold post card. See sale return policy and shipping info at the bottom of this page. Note that dimensions are in inches shown in the bottom right corner of each photo.

Click on or below each shown Kintsugi item to see it from a different angle and it's broken state.

How to identify imitated Kintsugi?
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Our Kintsugi process and care instructions

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Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi Available For Sale

Japanese Kintsugi Chawan
Japanese Kintsugi Chawan $310

Japanese bowl with sea glass
Japanese bowl with sea glass $875 23.5 Karat gold

Kintsugi art for gift sale repaired using Makienaoshi style
Makienaoshi Kintsugi cherry blossom bowl 290

Japanese Tenmoku Kintsugi bowl
Japanese Tenmoku Kintsugi bowl $275

turquoise raku blue Kintsugi vase
23.5 Karat gold
Turquoise raku Kintsugi vase, $940 (kintsugi not applied on inside)

Ben Owen China red vase - Kintsugi
23.5 Karat gold
Ben Owen China red vase $960 (kintsugi not applied on inside)

Japanese crackle glaze cup real 23.5 karat gold
Japanese crackle glaze cup $360 23.5 Karat gold

Crackle celadon glaze vase
Crackle celadon glaze vase $260 (kintsugi not applied on inside)

Japanese stonware Kintsugi bowl
Japanese stonware Kintsugi bowl $245

Small Japanese bowl
Small red Japanese bowl $110

Japanese bowl with sea glass
Japanese bowl with sea glass $490 23.5 Karat gold

Kintsugi Japanese chawan
Japanese Chawan Kintsugi, $260

Roger Baumann Wood fired vase
Wood fired vase $660 (kintsugi not applied on inside)

Crackle white Kintsugi vase with geode agate gemstone
Crackled glaze vase with geode gemstone $520

Raku kintsugi bowl
Raku kintsugi bowl, $540. This bowl was made by Susan Gunderson www.fiercelycasualart.com

Japanese teacup
Japanese teacup, $160

Ben Owen China red vase - Kintsugi
Ben Owen China red vase $440 (kintsugi not applied on inside)

Small Japanese bowl
Japanese bowl $110

Small blue Japanese bowl
Blue Japanese bowl $110
Kintsugi Japanese dish
Japanese dish, $160, 3-1/2 x 1"

Japanese celadone Kintsugi bowl
Japanese blue Kintsugi bowl, $140

Japanese bowl 23.4 karat gold
Japanese bowl $415 23.5 Karat gold

Heart Kintsugi plate
Heart Kintsugi plate $190

Japanese  teacup
Japanese teacup $160

Japanese  teacup
Japanese teacup $90

Japanese kintsugi lady woman figure vase
Japanese kintsugi woman lady figure vase $325

Celadon kintsugi vase
Celadon Kintsugi vase $360 (kintsugi not applied on inside)
Celadon teacup
Celadon teacup $190

Cobalt Blue Kintsugi Vase
Cobalt Blue Kintsugi Vase, $190

Crackled  Kintsugi Japanese bowl
Crackled Kintsugi Japanese bowl, $140

Japanese small bowl
Japanese small bowl $140

Japanese Chawan Kintsugi bowl
Japanese Chawan Kintsugi bowl $415

Turquoise heart gemstone Kintsugi bowl
Turquoise heart gemstone Kintsugi bowl $340

Kintsugi Heart shaped ring dish
Kintsugi Heart shaped ring dish $75

Kintsugi Heart shaped ring dish 23.5 karat gold
23.5 Karat gold
Kintsugi Heart shaped ring dish $320

 Japanese kintsugi sake cup
Japanese kintsugi sake cup, $75

Kintsugi art blue bowl
Kintsugi art handmade blue bowl $240

 Japanese kintsugi crackle Kintsugi cup
Crackle Japanese cup, $325

Wood fired Kintsugi cup
Wood fired Kintsugi cup $245

 Japanese kintsugi crackle celadon bowl
Crackle celadone bowl, $135

Japanese  Kintsugi bowl
Japanese Kintsugi bowl $220
Crackle glaze bowl
Crackled glaze bowl $380

Japanese bowl narrow base
Japanese bowl narrow base $90
Japanese Chawan teabowl
Japanese Chawan teabowl $190
Return / Replacement Policy: Purchased Kintsukuroi / Kintsugi pottery items can be returned within 30 days of sale with a $40 handling and restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping cost. Replacement can be made once and customer is responsible for shipping cost both ways.

Shipping to other countries: Please note that with items shipped outside the USA, we do not cover any extra broker fees, duties or taxes that your country will charge on the imported item. We ship in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Books, Articles and Programs Using Our Kintsugi Repair Art

Rena Romano, TEDx Talk,

After Rena Romano gained the courage to speak out about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, she discovered that few victims have the same supportive experience. This compelling talk reveals a new approach allowing each of us to aid sexual abuse survivors to lead healthy, happy, productive lives. “How you and I react and speak to sexual abuse survivors can make a difference in whether we shut down or get help,” Romano says. “If healing begins by telling, then we must make telling safe!” Discover how in this talk by a woman who learned by living it. Rena used one of our Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi bowls to illustrate the metaphor.

HowStuffWorks - Kintsugi: What a Broken Bowl Can Teach Us
HowStuffWorks - Kintsugi: What a Broken
Bowl Can Teach Us

When something is broken, it's normally considered damaged goods, a lost cause or otherwise beyond hope. But that's not so in Japanese society.
The 15th-century art of Kintsugi, which translated means golden joinery, reclaims the beauty of a damaged gold repaired pottery.
Broken, the latest episode from The Stuff of Life podcast, looks at this idea of brokenness in our world, from a personal and political perspective, and how, ultimately, we can gain strength from it.

4 Steps on the Road to Healing from Childhood By Peg Streep
4 Steps on the Road to Healing from
Childhood By Peg Streep

I think this is how we need to look at healing. To close our wounds with new understanding but, nonetheless, to realize that our experiences make us unique, not flawed. Think of the repairs you are making to the broken pieces of your spirit as rivers of gold. Think Kintsugi repair.

kintsugi and Christianity Article
Kintsugi & Christianity
We need more golden repair in our lives because we so often hide our brokenness.

Wabi-sabi Wisdom, Inspiration for an Authentic Life, Andrea Jacques, book
Wabi-sabi Wisdom Buy Amazon
Inspiration for an Authentic Life

Andrea Jacques
Wabi-sabi, which is a philosophy of finding the beauty in imperfection, popped into my head and I had this visual of exactly what the book should look like.

Kintsugi, The Art of Repair, Chiara-Lorenzetti
Kintsugi, The Art of Repair Buy at Amazon
English version coming soon

Success by Accident – The Kintsugi Path to a Fulfilling Life, Tokyo Families
Success by Accident
The Kintsugi Path to a Fulfilling Life

Andrea Jacques is the founder of Kyosei Consulting and the author of Wabi-Sabi Wisdom: Inspiration for an Authentic Life (now available on Amazon). She has spent more than 20 years developing the potential of people and businesses worldwide. Five of these years were spent in Japan where the core philosophies of her work on the relationship between passion, performance and profits took shape. A dynamic speaker, coach, and facilitator, her work integrates leading eastern and western thought with top-tier leadership, wellness and sustainability consulting to help individuals and organizations discover and thrive on their passions.

Japanese Bonsai Pot, Ryan Bell
Japanese Bonsai Pot, Kintsugi gold repair performed by Lakeside Pottery
Ryan Bell

Healing Unloved Daughters and the Art of Kintsugi, Psychologytoday
Healing Unloved Daughters and the
Art of Kintsugi

So, when we talk of healing the wounds of childhood, we should bring the image of a beautiful cup or bowl repaired by Kintsukuroi to mind, its cracks and breaks repaired with gold and made into shining patterns of great beauty and oneness. That image may help us focus on how our past experiences inform those in the present, to better see how the behaviors we adopted in childhood to cope may animate our behaviors and choices now, even as we move away from the past. As a layperson and fellow traveler, not a day goes by that I don't appreciate how my childhood even now shapes the woman I am, in ways both seen and unseen, good and bad. Rather than see them as scars, seeing those wounds as lines, rivers, and patches of gold, silver, or copper brings a smile to my face.

The Art of The Well Lived Life ~ Musings on Art, Life and the Art of Life
The Art of The Well Lived Life
Musings on Art, Life and the Art of Life
Michelle Andres Art

Love the look of Kintsugi. You know, the Japanese pottery with the intentionally decorated crack in it? The ceramic vessels have an incredible, gold streak adorning them, boasting their history and celebrating their imperfections.

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