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Lakeside Pottery studios are:
- Ceramic art educational facility offering pottery and sculpting classes.
- Ceramic and sculpture (clay, stone, metal) repair and restoration studio

We share our knowledge and experiences including glaze recipes, "how to", tips, etc. See information, tutorials and tips

Lakeside Pottery is owned and managed by the husband and wife team of Patty Storms and Morty Bachar.

Brief business history: Since the Newfield Avenue Studio opened it's doors in February 26 2002, Lakeside Pottery's Ceramic Art School and Studio has had thousands enrollments for ceramic art classes and workshops and has become a nationally recognized Ceramic and Sculpture Restoration facility.

Company's guiding philosophy: "To manage a ceramic teaching facility and a restoration studio with the highest quality and integrity in a place with an atmosphere of warmth, sharing and love of art. To be part of the community, share our knowledge, ideas and a portion of the profits to make the community a better and more art-appreciative place."

The Staff and Instructors

Morty Bachar is a proprietor of Lakeside Pottery. After leaving the corporate world (see bio) , he pursued his passion for art and pottery and is now an accomplished ceramic art restorer and pottery teacher. His work is exhibited and sold in shows. He instructs beginner and advanced pottery students on the potters wheel, designs and creates custom commission pottery work, performs ceramic repair and restoration for individuals and collectors, Kintsugi artist. Morty trains teachers and advises in studio design, equipment and material selection and use. To see Morty's work

Patty Storms, proprietor of Lakeside Pottery, is a painter and ceramic artist. She began her love for pottery under the instruction of Ken Kantro, (Lovell Designs) in Portland, Maine. After graduating from Wesleyan University she worked at both Christie's and LIGHT Gallery in New York City in the field of 19th and 20th century photography. She teaches the potters wheel and handbuilding/sculpting in both children and adult classes. She designs and creates custom commission pottery work for individuals and collectors and is a master ceramic restoration painter. She manages open studio, conducts corporate team building workshops and trains teachers in ceramic techniques. Patty is available for painting, portraits and pottery commission work. Patty's work is sold in galleries and in exhibits.. To see Patty's ceramic works, Patty's paintings web site

Jon Puzzuoli is an accomplished ceramic artist, instructor and a ceramic restorer. Before making the transition to clay he studied and worked with black and white photography for four years. Jon has been working at Lakeside Pottery for nearly 10 years teaching several adult programs (include handbuilding and advanced classes) and children’s pottery classes, managing open studio, and working in the ceramic and sculpture restoration lab. Jon's work is displayed and sold through local galleries and commission work. To see Jon's work

Rachel Watts, originally a Tennessee native, graduated from UConn with a degree in Linguistics and Psychology. She has a passion for both teaching and art and animation. Since graduating she worked in Boston as a special education teacher for students diagnosed primarily with Autism. She worked in both private and public schools as well as in the home collaborating with behaviorists, teachers, and parents to assess the educational and structural needs of children and their families. Rachel is a student at Lakeside Pottery and an intern helping to manage Open Studio. She is also working at Lakeside Pottery as a teacher's assistant for children's classes and special events programs. To See Rachel's work

Mike Coviello - Restorer and model builder. Mike is lifetime model railroader and a member of the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association.

Patty and Morty, ceramic artists and owners of Lakeside Pottery
Morty, Patty and Raku
Morty - throwing a pot
Morty Bachar
Patty working with children
Patty Storms
Jon puzzuoli, pottery instructor
Jon Puzzuoli
Rachel Watts - Intern and teacher assitant
Rachel Watts
Mike Coviello Restorer and model builder
Mike Coviello
Art clsses ct for children and adults
Lakeside Pottery's Building

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