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Below are step-by-step tips and how-to articles that we have compiled and created in order to share our knowledge of teaching pottery and what we have learned about running and managing a pottery / sculpting facility and ceramic restoration lab. We have documented and will continue to post pottery lessons, tips and techniques on using the pottery wheel, hand building skills and sculpting projects. We will post suggestions and lessons for art teachers and ceramic instructors as well as studio management tutorials covering topics such as kiln operation, mixing glazes, learning pottery and clay recycling.

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Learn Wheel Throwing | Tips and Tricks

  • Throwing a Pot | Step By Step Tutorial
  • Removing Freshly Thrown Pot Off the Wheel
  • Trimming a Pot | Step By Step Tutorial
  • How to Choose The Right Clay to Use with the Wheel?
  • Stage Throwing and Trimming a Large Platter
  • Throwing a very large Bowl - Tutorial
  • Pottery Wheel Surface Texture Tools and Tricks
  • Making Large Ceramic Hookah / Shisha Bowl
  • Making Chicken / Poultry Ceramic Waterer
  • Making Mug and Pulling Handle - Wheel Lesson
  • Video: Throwing Lesson | YouTube
  • Video: Trimming Lesson | YouTube
  • Video: Roulette Gear Surface Texture | YouTube
  • Video: Wheel Chatter Texture Tall Forms | YouTube
  • Video: Wheel Chatter Texture Flat Forms | YouTube
  • Video: Throwing Large Platter With Coils | YouTube
  • Tips and Tricks on Plates and Platters
  • Weights of Clay Needed For Pottery Ware

  • HOW TO:
    Learn Hand Building Projects

  • Hand-building Methods Explanation and Illustration
  • Handbuilding Projects Ideas at Lakeside Pottery
  • Making Large and Small Coiled Pots - Tutorial
  • How to Choose The Right Clay to Use with Hand Building?
  • Constructing Clay Quilt Lesson | Hanging Art
  • Constructing Large Slab Project - Sample Technique
  • Constructing Clay Vase Lesson | Slab
  • Sgraffito Decorating Technique Tutorial
  • Making a Pinchpot - Clay Hedgehog
  • Soft Hump-mold Sculpting Technique Tutorial
  • Making Ceramic Water Font | Hanging Basket
  • Making Starfish and Sea Animals Tutorial
  • Making Ceramic Shoe - Slab Project Tutorial
  • Making Ceramic Tiles and Flat Forms
  • Easy Way to Make a Tray Using Push Foam Trick
  • Impressing Patterns and Texture in Clay
  • How to Make a Ceramic Ocarina
  • Kids Projects at Lakeside Pottery
  • Kids Animal Projects at Lakeside Pottery

  • HOW TO:
    Repair Broken Ceramic / Pottery

  • How to Fix and Mend Broken Pottery?
  • VIDEO: How to Repair Broken Pottery or Ceramic
  • How to Repair Chipped Pottery, Ceramic or China Step-by-step
  • How to Fill a Large Hole, Crack or - Gap Pottery Repair Lesson
  • How to Remove Old Glue or Adhesive?
  • How to remove stains from antique potter?
  • How to Repair Broken Pottery with Missing Pieces and matching colors?
  • How to Replace Stoneware Crock's Rim Seamlesly
  • Filling Missing Broken Ceramic Fired Ceramic
  • How to Repair Broken Stone Sculpture Lesson
  • How to Add a Missing Miniature Piece to a Broken-Figurine Using a Pin?
  • How to Repair Broken Ceramic With Hairline Crack Using a Peg?
  • How to Mix Color: Basic Theory, Air Brush or brushes?
  • Repairing Ancient Vessel Steps and considirations
  • Kintsugi: Repairing Pottery with Gold and Lacquer
  • PVA or Epoxy - Which Adhesive is The Best For Ceramic Mending?
  • Restoring Ancient Pottery Illustration
  • Bronze sculpture repair - can it be fixed?
  • Super Glue or Epoxy - Which Adhesive is The Best For Pottery or Porcelain Repair?
  • Tools Materials in a Ceramic Restoration Studio
  • Where to Purchase Ceramic Repair Supply?
  • Identifying Porcelain and China Ware Marks

    How to, Solve Problems

  • Electric Kiln Firing and Tips
  • Firing , Melting and Fusing Glass w/ Ceramic
  • Estimating Electric Kiln Firing Costs
  • Selecting The Right Kiln Shelves For Your Kiln
  • Lakeside Pottery Raku Guide
  • Choosing a Bisque Temperature
  • Clay Drying and Firing Process
  • Reduction Firing
  • All About Kiln Vent
  • Transformation of Ceramic Materials Relative to Temperature
  • Troubleshooting an Electric Kiln Guide
  • Build a kiln - Great Site to Help You Determine the Kiln You Need
  • Q&A on Cones

    Recipes, How to, Solve Problems

  • Lakeside Pottery's Mid-range (Cone 6) Glaze Recipes
  • Firing , Melting & Fusing Glass on Pottery
  • Mixing and Using Glazes
  • Glaze Sinking to Bottom | Glaze Cracking while Drying
  • Cracking, Shivering, Crazing and Dunting
  • Dipping Glazes
  • Understanding Glazes
  • Can Matt Glazes Be Used With Food?
  • What is Crazing and How to Solve it?
  • What is Shivering and to Correct it?
  • Pinholes and Pitting Issues and Solutions
  • Blistering
  • Crawling
  • Dry Glaze Mixing Instructions
  • Lead in Pottery or Ceramic
  • Clay, Glaze and Firing Toxic Material List
  • Successful Glazing At Lakeside Pottery
  • Ceramic Decal Basics

  • HOW TO:
    Improve Your Studio

  • Making Wedging Table | Clay Recycling Slab
  • How to Choose The Right Clay to Use in Your Studio?
  • Making Large Amount of Slip / Clay Slurry
  • Simple Way Preventing Clay Clogging Sink
  • What is Magic Water, Magic Mud / Paper Clay and Recipe / Instructions


  • Pottery and Ceramic Glossary and List of Terms
  • Learn here Does Clay Comes From
  • Glossary of Ceramic Raw Materials
  • Clay and Pottery Brief History
  • Why Do They Call It Throwing?
  • The Value of Pottery and Ceramic Classes in School
  • Isaac Button, Soil Hill Pottery, the last true English Country Potters | 44 Minutes Video
  • Iranian Woman Potter Using an Ancient Technique. 1/2 hr video. Pirtaj village in Chang-almas Region in Western Iran
  • See Steven Hill Slide Show | YouTube
  • Ceramic Repair Lesson | YouTube
  • Why Have Pottery in School?
  • Handbuilding Projects Ideas at Lakeside Pottery
  • Kids Projects at Lakeside Pottery
  • Kids Animal Projects at Lakeside Pottery
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