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Making Slip / Slurry in Large Amounts

Slip Surface Texture

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Finished work using slip:

In our studio, we use slip for surface texture techniques and for handbuilding when "slipping & scoring". Purchasing pre-made slip is costly and will not produce the best results due to possibly having incompatible shrinkage and / or color relative to the used clay. However, if you wish to use your clay to make slip, make sure that the grog content is not too high to avoid wrestling with it when sieving. If your clay has a lot of grog, find similar clay to your clay (same shrinkage) but with less grog.

What do you need:

To fill 3/4 of a five gallon bucket, we use 35 - 40 lb. clay.

Once the clay is selected, follow the steps below:

Slice clay thin: 3/8 - 1/4" Place in a bucket and cover with water Soak for 24 hours or more
A drill with assist handle is preferred Mixer blade example Mix clay for a couple of minutes
Add water And mix some more as needed Sieve the mix
Dispose grog periodically Make it a bit thicker Test for consistency
Sieve twice for finer mix Ready to be used an pot's outside surface Or, on an inside of a pot

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