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Pottery and Ceramic Programs

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BEGINNING / INTERMEDIATE POTTERY - Adult education classes .. Calendar

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Once weekly for 8 weeks. Each class 2-1/2 hours and free use of Open Studio (up to 10 hrs). Total of 30 hours. No charge for clay.

COST (8 weeks): $365 ($385 if adding a toolset). Firing fees are charged separetely.

Learn the art of making pottery and create decorative and functional pottery in a spacious studio.

This class is designed for the beginner and for those who have taken beginning pottery classes in the past, and will cover the basic and intermediate level working with clay -- this class is mainly focused on wheel-thrown pottery (centering, pulling walls, shaping and trimming) and glazing with some exposures to hand building. We'll give you the basic skills and knowledge so you are ready, if you choose, to become an open studio member. Typically, students take this class more than once before they are comfortable moving on to the next level. Our teaching method is thorough covering each aspect of the potter's wheel step by step with hands-on instructions.

The goal this of class is to give adults an introduction to the art of pottery and the ability to create functional pottery. We want you to learn what it takes to throw a pot, but it's just as important to us that you have a good experience.

Note: Teens ages 17 and up can enroll in this program. Ages 15 and 16 may be accepted if they take a minimum of three private lessons and found qualified to participate in an adult classes. Number of teens accepted in any class is limited.

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One-day wheel class offer

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Not sure about the potter's wheel - Try a 1-time class

Wednesday Mornings 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Fall/Winter '14 [10/1 - 11/19/14] 8 weeks

Thursday Evenings 7:00PM - 9:30PM
Summer '14 [6/26 - 8/15/14] 8 weeks
Fall/Winter '14 [10/2 - 11/20/14]
8 weeks

Saturday Mornings 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Summer '14 [6/28 - 8/17/14] 8 weeks
Fall/Winter '14 [10/4 - 11/22/14]
8 weeks

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Children pottery and ceramic art classes - creative child care after school art programs stamford ct

Once weekly for 8 weeks. Each class 2 hrs. No charge for clay.

COST (8 weeks): $365 ($385 if adding a toolset). Includes materials and firing fees.

Our 8-week after school Pottery / Ceramic Art programs are designed to provide children with the experience of an actual professional pottery studio. During each weekly program, the students will learn to use the potters wheel, learn handbuilding / sculpturing techniques and glaze all of their projects that they will accomplish during the program. The projects are fun and creative and will be taught by our accomplished artist / teachers. No prior ceramics or clay experience is required. More challenging work will be assigned to students with previous experience.

Our children programs were evaluated and are now offered by Darien and Stamford Education Departments and the Stamford Museum and nature Center.

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Summer Day Camp Programs

Kids class pictures collection

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Parent comments:
" is a very special thing to us to see this child look forward to your class when almost every other class that he has tried has been an unsuccessful experience"

Importance of Clay in Children's Development

Thursday Afternoons 4:15M - 6:15PM
Fall/Winter '14 [10/2 - 11/20/14] 8 weeks

HANDBUILDING AND SCULPTING - All levels adults Calendar

Handbuilding and sculpting classes and workshops

Once weekly for 8 weeks. Each class 2-1/2 hours and free use of Open Studio (up to 10 hrs). Total of 30 hours. No charge for clay.

COST (8 weeks): $365 ($385 if adding a toolset). Includes materials and firing fees.

In this 8-week class you will learn to design and make hand built pottery and ceramic sculpting using various techniques such as: slab construction, coil pots, extruded clay, pinch pots, surface texture, clay impression, Sgraffito and more (see some pictures of class and projects samples in this link). Glazing will also be covered during this 8-week program. Students will be encouraged to expand on what they have learned and take projects in their own direction during the class and open studio time.

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Friday Mornings - Intermediate 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Fall/Winter '14 [10/3 - 11/21/14] 8 weeks

Handbuilding Class Pictures

Hand Building Projects Samples

Advanced pottery classes, evening, day and weekend classes and events

Once weekly for 8 weeks. Each class 2-1/2 hours and free use of Open Studio (up to 10 hrs). Total of 30 hours. No charge for clay.

COST (8 weeks): $365 ($385 if adding a toolset). Includes materials and firing fees.

For those who have mastered wheel-throwing basic skills such as centering, pulling and trimming, we've designed a course that takes you to the next level with very carefully designed instruction material. This class provides demonstrations and instruction on more complex forms (e.g., altered forms, surface texture, multiple parts, large vessels and other ideas) coupled with constructive evaluation of your work.

The instructors will demonstrate and assign class projects, such as bowls, covered jars, pitchers, or vases; advanced students will be encouraged to work independently. Students will be encouraged to mix glaze tests and incorporate the results into their pottery.

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Mix media projects, wheel, sculpting painting and glazing Art courses working with clay

Wednesday Evenings 7:00AM - 9:30PM
Summer '14 [6/25 - 8/14/14] 8 weeks
Fall/Winter '14 [10/1 - 11/19/14]
8 weeks

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Advanced Class Pictures

Cancellation of Classes/Workshops
Cancellation and Rescheduling: Lakeside Pottery LLC reserves the right to cancel, combine, or reschedule classes in order to adjust for enrollment. The minimum number of participants needed to establish a class is six. If Lakeside Pottery cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment, registered participants will be informed and given the opportunity to register for another class. If participants do not want to transfer, a full refund will be given. Tuition is refundable only with at least two weeks notice before the start of class. $25 cancellation fees. Private lesson $50 deposit is refundable only with at least three days notice.

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