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Removing a Pot off The Wheel Without Distortion

When time does not permit to let a freshly thrown pot dry a bit before removing it off the bat, the following technique is very useful to know. See illustration and video below. This applies to plastic, masonite and wooden bats - not plaster bats.

Video: Taking a Pot Off The Bat

Taking a Pot Off The Bat: Pottery Wheel Lesson

Throw pot on the wheel
Throw a pot
clean pot's foot
Clean pot's foot

Create a grove under pot
Make a groove
Run wire under pot
Run a wire under pot
Get sponge soaked with water
Soak sponge in water

Squeeze water from sponge onto the bat's front
Squeeze water in front of pot

Run wire under bat while carrying some water with it
Run wire under pot with water
Run wire afew times
Run wire until pot starts moving

Remove bat off the wheel
Remove bat from wheel
Tilt bat
Tilt bat and slide pot off

Push pot slightly
Slide further
Pot slides of intact
Remove bat

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