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Fabricate Missing Sculpture or Ceramic Parts

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Repair Lessons
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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Fixing chipped Italian platter lesson step-by-step lesson
Chipped pottery repair lesson

Fixing broken vase - more complex repair
Restore vase lesson
How to Replace Stoneware Crock's rim using the potter's wheel
How to replace Stoneware crock's rim
Remove old repair, Mend the broken segments, fill gaps, sand filler, paint and glaze the repaired areas
Pottery and ceramic repair - all steps
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to repair crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
Cybis Arion Boy on Dolphin - Repair Broken and Missing Finger
Miniature repair w/ missing finger
Repairing broken stone sculptures and statues
Repairing broken stone sculpture
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces

This sculpture came in broken with several missing pieces, in particular the center part of the flower. The missing top flower piece was and made out of clay using the same technique dentists use when capping a tooth. The clay is then fired, cemented, filled in, sanded, polished and painted using air brush. Other missing pieces were made in the same manner. To see more repair examples of a broken statue, broken sculpture, broken china or broken figurine see our restoration examples page.

Broken Ceramic Sculpture
Broken Ceramic Sculpture

Make missing piece from clay
Make missing piece from clay
Kiln fired to 2300 degree F
Kiln fired to 2300 degree F

Out of kiln & ready to be assembled

Grind for fit

Ready to be cemented - 2-parts epoxy


Cracks filled up
Grind for fit
Grinding to shape

Drilled for surface texture
Drilled for surface texture
Ready for assembly
Ready for assembly
Paint with airbrush
Paint with airbrush
Sub assembly coloredSub assembly colored Ready to be cemented to base
Ready to be cemented to base
Cementing to base
Cementing to base
Restoration completed
Restoration completed

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