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Making Tall Vase - Hand Building Slab

To effectively work with the clay slab construction for this project (tall vase), roll 1/4" slab several hours in advance, place on a wooden board and cover with plastic to allow the clay to firm up a bit ("soft leather hard"). The hump molds shown in this tutorial are wheel thrown bisque. The bisque enables water absorption which will a) slab will not stick to it and b) will firm the clay for proper removal within minutes. To see how to make very large slab projects, visit here

To see a video of the tapping / pushing the round clay slab on the hump mold, see short video clip here.

Use template to cut slab to size
Smooth slab (Mud red rib)
Use hump round mold

Push slab down while turning

Slab shape when removed Repeat process with smaller mold
Deeper round shape
Paddle to smooth edge

Use miter to cut side edges
Score mitered edge
Slip mitered edge
Roll over rolling pin for shape

Stand slab and attach
Blend seam
Blend seam inside as well
Apply coil for reinforcement

Blend coil in
Work the inside for correct size
Verify fit and correct
Final fit check

Slip and score
Attache and blend
Add coil and blend in
Smooth shape

Blend inside seam & adjust shape
Mark and cut opening
Add a rim (narrow slab)
Add texture
Making the bottom of the tall vase is not shown in this tutorial but the tutorial in this link will illustrate the bottom making/mounting principal.

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