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We are not able to accept new projects for the next few months

Lakeside Pottery makes ceramic / clay bird houses, bird feeders, bird baths and garden ceramic specialties (e.g., Green-man). We can customize to any design, shape or color. Please contact us if interested.

The benefits of our ceramic birdhouse, feeders or bath are: Hand made art, each design is unique, easy cleaning, will last much longer than wood or metal.

Custom made birdhouse and feeders
Bird house - unglazed
custom made ceramic clay bird feeder - with choice of colors
Bird Feeder - commission
Custom made water font
custom made outdoors planters and pots
Flower pots
Custom made clay birdhouse - prototype in the making
Custom made clay bird feeders
Antique bowl pottery replica
Making a replica of broken pot
custom made hanging bird house
Hanging birdhouse
custom made lantern - curved clay
Carved Lantern
clay turtle - custom made
Garden Animals
Custom made carved terra cotta planter
Terra Cotta Sun
clay green man - custom made
Clay Green man
greenman - commission work - green
Glazed Green man
bird bath - custom made
Bird bath in progress
bird house - clay
Birdhouse in progressl
outdoors ceramic work in progress
Green man in the making
Custom made birdhouse and feeders

Custom made birdhouse and feeders

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