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Pottery Hand-building Project Ideas and Pictures for Teachers and Artists


Hand-building Pottery Projects

The following pottery hand-building project ideas pictures are taken in our studio to create lesson plans for our classes. We are glad to be able and share with teachers and artists. Some of the pictures have a link below the picture linked to a detailed hand-building lesson.

Animal mugs, planters and vases
Sculpted planters
Owl planter, vases, container
Owl planters
Slab quilting textured clay patch work teapot
Quilted teapot hand-building project

textures slab stamped quilted handbag / pocketbook
Quilted pocketbook project
Pressed leaves on mirror frame
Leaves impression mirror project
Pressed leaves on mirror frame
Leaves impression mirror project
clay face sculpting easy project
Pinch pot technique - faces rattles

clay face sculpting easy project
ceramic boxes box projects ideas
Clay box pottery projects ideas - hand-building
Patty painting teapot - sgraffito
Patty at work - hand-building pottery

Triple clay box with lids
weaved texture vase
weaved texture vase with handles
modern weaved texture vase with handles
Baskets pictures
Clay quilted purses
Quilted clay ceramic purses
Fish clay candle holders
Fish candle holders
carved clay boxes hand building prokect
Carved clay boxes projects

slab vase with leaves impression project
Leaves impression triple chamber vase
bonsai round planter
Bonsai round planter
bonsai rectangle planter
Bonsai round planter
Fish carved lantern
Fish carved lantern

Fish carved lantern - bottom
Sgraffito pottery vase

Sgraffito Potter Bowl - salmon

pagoda lantern
Pagoda lantern
pagoda lantern rear door
Pagoda lantern rear

pagoda lantern
Pagoda lantern
pagoda lantern set
Pagoda lantern set
multi medial handles for clay projects
Multimedia handles ideas
coiled basket
Coiled basket
turtle jar
Turtle jar
turtle jar under side
Turtle jar - bottom lantern

tall hand built vase
Textured vase
lizard hand built vase
Lizard vase

leaves impression vases
Leaves vase
Animal planter
turtle lantern
Turtle lantern
rear openning - turtle lantern
Rear opening - turtle lantern
Hand built pitchers with leaves design
Hand built pitchers with leaves design

Hand build pitchers and jar
Hand build pitchers and jar
Octopus platter - sculpted
Octopus platter - see it glazed
Carved incense jar with feet
Hand-building carved incense jar project
twisted pots - vases and jar
Twisted pots ideas

bread basket

Terra cotta houses
Frog butter dish with lid - project Frog butter dish - lid up
Frog butter dish project

clay box lid and ribbon leaves stamped vase
Hand building project - octopus climbing on vase
Octopus vase - hand-building advanced project (Cannoli, the cat, is great help) Click

Hand building project - octopus climbing on vase triple fish large candle holder
Fish bowl
Elephant clay holder - for large candle

modern curved top vase
Garlic keeper on garlic grinder saucer
Garlic keeper on garlic grinder saucer
Garlic keeper with lid
Garlic keeper with lid
Lidded garlic keeper
Garlic keeper with lid

Garlic keeper with lid
Lidded garlic keeper
Hand sculpted clay pears project
Pinch pots technique - pears
Sgraffito fish box with lid
Fish Sgraffito technique
sgraffito teapot with lid
Sgraffito teapot project

large sgraffito fish vase
Fish Sgraffito technique, large vase
three section modern wing like handles
Sectioned top "winged" modern vase
Tripple chamber sgraffito vase - bisqued fired
Three sections Sgraffito vase

organic ceramic bottles My love, Patty, designing yet another project for the handbuilding class
In the studio building a new idea
slab construction birdfeeder
Bird house
slab constructed wren birdhouse
Bird wren house

stoneware clay slab hanging birdhouse
Fly through bird feeder
stoneware hand built birdfeeder project
Bird feeder
leather hard slab clay bird house collection
Bird houses

Boxes with lids

shoulder ceramic bottles pproject ideas for children or adult classes
Shoulder bottles
egg shap ceramci bird house
Bird house
ceramic teapot projects collection
making a handle on a casserole
Round container

carving surface texture on hand built clay project
Round container
applying decorative clay coil to a pot
Large elephant project - see lesson
clay box - starfish
Starfish box with lid - see lesson
Dancing people clay vases -containers
Extruded containers

animal shape slab vases
Bird slab vases
weaving baskets with extruded clay
Basket weaving - extruded clay
Starfish and sea urchin hand building project
Starfish and sea urchin - see lesson
Candle holder sea urchin
Sea urchin candle holder

Hand building sea crab - clay projects for adults and children classes
Clay crab hand-building project
making decorative coiled pot
Coil basket - see lesson
set of large coil construction clay pots
Coil pots

using clay coil to make a decorative bowl
Coil plate / platter
making large pots using coil
Ali Baba coil pots
berry bowl with raised texture
Square colander
clay berry colander
Rectangle colander

ceramic pasta strainer with handles
Oval colander with handles
hand built flat form with surface texture
Round colander
square clay box - project idea
Square box with lid
Berry bowl clay project ideas
Set of berry bowls

ceramic curved clay box with lid
Rectangle box with lid
ceramic curved clay box with lid
Rectangle box with lid
tall clay box with puzzle lid
Box with cut lid

tall carved clay box with puzzle lid
Box with cut lid - keyed
clay boxes ideas
Box collection
impressing leaves into clay for texture
Plate leaf impression - texture lesson
Black and white sgraffito frog pot
Sgraffito vase - See lesson

outdoors clay greenman
Green man
narrow elegant teapot
Flying teapot
clay hedgehog made with pinchpots
Pinch pot hedgehog - see lesson
ceramic sugar box with lid
Sugar bowl
ceramic sugar conainer with lid
Sugar bowl

commission ceramic lantern
Lantern assortment
whimsical clay boxes
Covered pots
impressing leaves on clay
Impressed leaves - see texture lesson

ceramic carved lantern custom order
Carved lanterns
clay leaves bowl with leaf texture
Leaves bowl
leaves ceramic bowl
Leaves bowl
lizard vases hand building clay project
Lizard vases - see lesson

bird shape vases
Bird shape vases- slab construction
totempoll vase - gret children's project
Clay Totem pole
Clay trophy
Large vase / trophy - see lesson

Hand build creamer
Tall elegant ceramic pitcher
Tall pitcher
carving on outdoors terra cotta clay planter
Carved Terra Cotta pot
making a ceramic pumpkin
clay pumpkins project idea
Pumpkin set

customized ring bearer bowl
Ring Bearer bowl
Pyramid box
Lizard box with lid
carving sgraffito on clay
Curved Sgraffito vases -Sgraffito lesson

large ceramic tray project
Long serving tray
surface nature texture on vase
Nature stamped vases
sgraffito clay projects design ideas
Sgraffito vases - See lesson
terra cotta sun
Terra Cotta sun

clay sun - outdoors clay project
Terra Cotta sun
Hole through a vase project
Vase with hole through
clay sculptures - portraits
Portrait sculptures
clay turtle front view
Turtle front view

clay turtle side view
Turtle side view
clay turtle bottom view
Turtle bottom view
clay turtle face close up
Turtle side view close up
hanging clay basket - carving
Wall hung font / basket - see lesson
clay water font with carved leaves
Carved font - see lesson

clay animals using pinch pot

Clay quilt with surface texture pattern
Clay quilted tray - See lesson

ceramic treasure jewelry box
Wheat design boxes
large clay watering cane
Water cane
Slab vase with raied texture
Vase with texture front
Clay quilt with surface texture pattern
Textured vase - see lesson

carving caly vase
Carved pottery vase
hand built pumpking - using slab technique
Clay pumpkins

Hand built Tagine
clay basket with window and handles
Clay basket with window - see lesson

Small bottles

Chicken roaster
How to make a hanging water font
Ceramic shoe - See Lesson
Clay quilted purses
Quilted clay ceramic purses

High heeled shoe wine holder
High heeled clay shoe wine holder
soft mold clay project
Elephant soft mold - see lesson
custom made trophy project with lots of help
"Pet Project" with a lot of help

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