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Ancient Pottery Vessel Restoration

Pre-Columbian figure broken
Pre Columbian figure broken

Pre-Columbian figure restored
Pre-Columbian figure restored

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This antique vessel came to our restoration studio in a very bad broken state. The owner, a collector from Italy, informed us that it was a classical antiquity. He wanted to make sure that the restoration did not make the pot look "new" which made it an interesting project. The vessel needed to be restored and yet retain it's age and time “scars.” All cemented lines needed to be grooved to then be filled with a hard and porous material. Because the vessel could not receive any paint to hide the repair, maintaining the owner's request for authenticity, the porous filler was stained. This was a challenge because, the filler needed to be tinted with natural pigment to match the varied colors in different areas of the pot. To achieve accuracy, we conducted many filler and pigment tests and chose the right combination for each area. The same process is used for Pre-Columbian Indian Pottery and Chinese terracotta vessels / statues restoration.

Ancient pottery broken to many pieces
Very broken ancient vessel
antique clay vessel glued
Antique pot top part cemented
Ancient pottery mending in process
Antique pot bottom part cemented

Inside wall of ancient pot parts glued
Reenforced walls of antique vessel
Reenforcement coating on the inside
Attaching both bottom and top parts
Attached bottom and top parts
fillers mixed with natural pigment to match [ot
Filler and stain tests

Mix natural pigments with filler
Missing rim piece
One piece is missing
missing piece mad out of fired clay
Missing piece made out of fired clay
filler sanded down
Filler sanded down
light stain for uniformity
Filler stain layering coloring tutorial
antique anciend vessel restored
Completed restoration

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