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Children Handbuilding Clay Animal Ceramic Art Projects Ideas

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Below are some handbuilding children clay project ideas with animal theme. The techniques used are: Slab, pinchpot, potter's wheel / handbuilding combination. Most shown projects are made with stoneware, fired to cone 6 using underglazes with clear glaze over it. We have over 100 distinct projects developed through the years to meet one of our most difficult goals which is: A child should not repeat a project even if they continue to take our programs for years. See related hand building lessons, how-to, and more pictures links.

Fish conainer with lid clay project - slab pig clay projects - pinchpot toothbrudh holder clay pottery project idea
Animal book-ends slab kids clay project clay fish projects
bird clay project candle holder kids project
Snake conainer clay prject - slab hug-animal-box clay project - slab clay masks for children
boat clay projects clay cow children project - bobble head
Elephant candle holder lizzard pottery and clay project idea
bobble head animal clay project animal pitcher clay project
Octopus plate pottery turtle project idea for children
turtle lantern fish lantern turtle clay project idea
clay birdfeeder slab kids project bobble head animal clay project
bobble head animal clay project bobble head animal clay project bobble head animal clay project
bobble head animal clay project clay picture - slab
clay turtle clay hedgehog pinchpot Frog butter dish with cover
ceramic clay frog project clay whistle frog - pinchpot sleeping cat
animal clay collection Fish project -slab pig mask
elepant plaque clay owl project idea
Rabbit pot -pinch-pot kids project animal conainer clay project idea Clay fish
Fish canfle holder clay walrus

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