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Clay project working with the slab construction method

Making Water Font / Hanging Clay Basket

Hand Building project working with slab construction method making a water font / hanging busket. See step-by-step process

To effectively work with the slab clay construction for this project (water font / hanging basket), roll 1/4" slab several hours in advance, place on a wooden board and cover with plastic to allow the clay to firm up a bit ("soft leather hard"). Make sure the back stays flat throughout the construction process to avoid warpage in the drying / firing.

Use template to cut slab to size
 Clay project working with the slab construction method
Smooth surfaces (Mud red rib)
Use miter to bevel edges -30 degree

Bevel where 2nd piece will joins
Miter bevel tool

Miter second slab on one side
Score beveled edges
slip and score
Slip the scored edges
applying slip
Attach two slipped / scored parts

Place symmetrically& adjust curve
Use coil to reinforce joint
Attachment complete
Second view

Cut base for waved edge (optional)
Mark & begin scalloping the rim
Scalloping rim - close up
Define scallop rim further

Push scalloped rim out to desired angle
Define scallop to full length
Scalloping action - outside view
Optional tool to define scallop

Scallop project design front view
Scallop project design top view
Curving leaf pattern (tool used)
Attach leaves & make hanging holes

Optional design for commission
Glazing details
Dipping glaze (eggshell)
Water font - project complete

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