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Hand-building Class Pictures

Handbuilding class pictures learning to work with slab, coil, surface texture, sgraffito, curving and sculpting

hand building class large coiled pots - hand building class greenman maing in process - clay curved clay lantern
clay bottle impressing leaves in clay hand building clay ceramic class pottery class- hand building vase
class making large coiled pots clay tea pots - handbuilding scuptures trera-cotta-white-clay
pinchpot animal making
clay lantern handbuilding class- curving clay
sculpring garden pot
coiled clay bowl
stamped clay boxes
pottery box
clay pumpking sculpture
weaving with clay - working with the extruder carved lanterns - hand built working with clay sculpting obstract face on vase
naked woman clay sculpture
working with leaves clay texture hand building instructor and student
obstract clay sculpture - class in session
pottery class - sculpting - in session making hand built clay vase
hand building elephant box
clay basket with window
cat helping with smoothing clay
cat helping with slip and scoring
Stephanie Bachar
Stephanie Bachar

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