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Preventing Clogged Sink & Drainage Problems in a Pottery Studio

One of the problems in a pottery studio is keeping sinks clog free and clay out of drain to prevent drainage problems. The following method is:
  • Very effective way to build a "sink trap" avoiding clay clogging the drain
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not take space under the sink
  • Cost only a few dollars.

We have used this studio sink drain trap method at Lakeside Pottery for several years (and with thousands of users) very successfully. All you will need is a 5-7" pipe and follow instructions as illustrated below.

Insert a piece of pipe in the drain - the pipe has to fit the drain hole of the sink tightly. The waste water is poured into the sink (not into the pipe). The sink will fill up until the water level reaches the pipe's height and it goes down the pipe into the drain. The slip/slurry/clay particles are heavier than water and stay in the bottom of the sink.

The pipe we use (1-1/2-in Plastic Sink Trap J-Bend)

The pipe when purchased new - need to cut to size (5-6")

Pipe placed in sink hole tightly to prevent water from leaking

Water overflow to pipe & clay sinks to bottom of sink

Full view

Loosen the pipe slightly, to let water from the sink leak out while keeping the clay in the sink. Clean settled clay from sink's bottom periodically.

Other more costly solutions

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