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Ceramic Restoration Shop Tools and Materials

Repair Lessons
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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Fixing chipped Italian platter lesson step-by-step lesson
Chipped pottery repair lesson

Fixing broken vase - more complex repair
Restore vase lesson
How to Replace Stoneware Crock's rim using the potter's wheel
How to replace Stoneware crock's rim
Remove old repair, Mend the broken segments, fill gaps, sand filler, paint and glaze the repaired areas
Pottery and ceramic repair - all steps
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to repair crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces
Repairing broken stone sculptures and statues
Repairing broken stone sculpture
Cybis Arion Boy on Dolphin - Repair Broken and Missing Finger
Miniature repair w/ missing finger
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Making missing part w/ fired clay
Repairing broken plaster of paris tall lamp
Plaster lamp repair w/ missing parts
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain
Repairing Broken Moroccan tagin
Repair Moroccan Tagin

We Repair and Restore:
Broken ceramic
Broken pottery
Broken sculpture
Broken china
Broken figurine
Broken statue
Broken doll
Broken dish

Broken porcelain
Broken stoneware

Chipped plate
Chipped vase
Chipped bowl
Chipped figurine
Chipped jag
Chipped dish

Chipped china
Chipped stoneware

Chipped porcelain
Cracked pottery
Cracked ceramic
Cracked china
Cracked porcelain
Cracked bowl
Cracked vase
Cracked plate
Cracked platter
Cracked dish

.. and more

We are often asked "What do you need to restore pottery DIY?" Below are some of the tools, materials and equipment we use for restoration. The choices we make for tools or materials is on a case by case basis. See some links below for projects examples step by step tutorials:
Exacto knifes set
Fine Carving tools
Sand paper - wet and dry
Pick tools and tweezers

Mini lathe
Computerized parts duplication
CNC parts creation
High pressure glue injector

Air brush
Mixing containers
Spring clips

Dremel tools set
Grinding, drilling and polishing tools
Miniature diamond grinders
Diamond grinders for shaping
Pulley system with automatic-brake
Water boiling systems-glue removal
UV Epoxy Cure system
Glaze room dust purifier
Epoxies, resin, fillers heater
Mini belt sander
UV and black lights
Spray booth with vent
Job management station
Painting station
Photo capture booth
130 degree F curing oven

Programmable kiln
Multi Axis vice
Light and magnify glass
Vapor respirator / filter
Mold materials
Mini variable speed sander
Grit assortment - sandpaper
Glue removals solvents

Vacuum chamber
Micro torch
Paraloid B72-Consolidator
Ventilation system

Rubber gloves
Cleaning solvent
Glue removals solvents

2-part clear epoxy quick cure
2-part clear epoxy slow cure
White epoxy that can be colored
Black / grey epoxy - quick cure

PC-7 epoxy
PC-11 epoxy filler
Hard cure plaster
Brass wire for pins and pegs
Clay wooden tools
Ceramic powder
White epoxy & colored hardeners

Mold compound
PVA glue
Fiberglass Resin epoxy
Acrylic additives (glossy / durability)

Paints and pigments
Mini brushes
Color pigment powder set

One-part cold glazes
Two-part cold glazes
Glue gun

What kind of adhesives and restoration materials to purchase and where

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