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Damaged Antique Handmade Figurine Repair

This figurine is over 100 years old and have strong emotional connection to the owner. It broke to many pieces with some segments missing that required sculpting. Below are some of the steps taken.

Broken figurine arrived

Cementing work in progress showing missing segments

Cementing work complete showing missing segments

Cemented missing pieces with fired pottery segments

Filling all gaps with PC11 filler

After filler is cured, sand surfaces

Sanding process starting with 200 grit, then 400 grit and ended
with 3,200 grit mesh

Ready for painting

Ready for painting

Apply latex in areas needing protection from airbrush painting

Air brushing first color see more about painting

Remove latex

Painting details

Painting details

Painting complete

Applying glaze

Ready - front

Ready - rear

Ready - bottom

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