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Hummel, Lladro, Lenox or Royal Doulton figurine repair

Restoring a Royal Doulton Figurine With Missing Parts

Porcelain Figurine (Hummel, Lladro, Lenox, Staffordshire, Disney, Capodimonte) Repair with Missing Hand or Limb

This figurine arrived with a missing hand. The owner purchased it "as is" for a nominal amount through eBay, commissioned us to restore it, and gained a perfectly complete figurine for a fracture of a market value price. The challenge in this project is sculpting the very detailed hand and attaching it using a pin for good mechanical integrity. To see repair examples of broken figurines, broken statues, and broken china, see our restoration examples.

Figuring with a missing limb
Broken figurine with a missing hand
using pictures of complete figurine as a model for the hand
Modeling hand looking at pictures
constructing a hnad from clay
Hand is crafted using clay
Verify hand for fit
Verifying dimensions (will shrink 11%)
Fired hand (in kiln)
Hand after kiln firing (2230 degree F)
creating some texture for better bond
Texturing contact surface (diamond)
drilling a 2.5 mm hole for a pin
Drilling a hole with diamond bit
cutting pin to size
Cutting pin to size (for strength)
verifying pin's location and proper fit
Verify pin holes location
cleaning drilled holes
Clean drilled holes
Wiping oils from all areas to be cemented
Wipe cemented surfaced w/ alcohol
Mixing clear 2 part epoxy
Mix two parts clear epoxy ((3700 PSI)
Apply adhasive to pin and surfaces
Cement in place
Mix two part epoxy filler (PC-11)
Mix 2-parts epoxy filler
Apply PC-11 to fill gin aps
Apply filler to gaps
Use a heater to cure epoxies optimally (140 degree F) for 8-24 hours
Cure epoxies at optimum temp (140)
Sand and polish filler
Sand and polish filler
Mix colors to match skin and sleeve colors
Mix colors to match figurine How to paint repaired ceramic
Protect rest of statue with tape and spray / brush colors
Use airbrush & brushes for coloring
apply cold glaze
Use "cold glaze" to finish
restoration is completed
Hand's back side
Figurine ready for shippment to customer
Finished statue - restored

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