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Restoring Broken Plate

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Ceramic & Sculpture Repair Lessons
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We have received inquiries with regard to our repairing pottery basic lesson asking how to repair more complex broken ceramic art (porcelain, pottery, china, stone, wood) when some pieces are missing, hiding the repair lines and coloring is required..

Some of the answered questions below are:
A) What materials and tools to use?
B) How to cement the pieces?
C) How to fill in gaps?
D) How to hide repair line?
E) How to restore color, luster and glaze?

To illustrate the process, below we show two recent restoration antique chinese plate repair and restoration. Before you get started, note that for an experienced person with all the proper tools and material, this repair took 3-4 hours beginning to end (not counting "waiting to cure" time). So make sure you budget your time and do not have to stop in the middle of some important time dependant tasks. To see the previous and more basic lesson, visit: Repairing Broken Pottery Lesson 1.

Lesson 2: Broken Plate Repair, Filling in and Coloring ( See video)
Broken antique plate
We chose quick cure two parts clear epoxy
Vise with soft clamps
mending broken ceramic plate
Mix well 2-part clear epoxy
Apply epoxy
fixing broken china
Place1st piece - push hard
gluing china antique plate
Check for perfect alignment
how to repair broken porcelain plate
Use glue gun to keep in place
chipped china repair
Back view
Clean epoxy on other repair areas
Apply glue on 2nd piece
applying glue to broken ceramic
Place tightly
Align perfectly
With a pintool, feel alignment
Use glue gun to keep in place
Scrape excess epoxy - front
Scrape excess epoxy - back
Mix white epoxy filler
Fill in missing pieces w / epoxy
Apply Magic Sculpt or PC-11)
Rough clean epoxy
Sandpaper surface
Clean surface with alcohol
Mix fine epoxy filler (magic Smooth)
broken ceramic filler
Apply epoxy
filling cracks on broken ceramic plate
Spread epoxy
filling cracks in broken pottery
Sandpaper epoxy
hiding repair lines in broken china
Use fine sandpaper (Dremel)
Polish surface
hiding repair in broken porcelain
Fine polish surface
Clean and ready for coloring
invisible china repair
Mix colors and additives
painting broken ceramic
Apply colors: see painting tutorial
Apply high-end cold glaze
glazing broken ceramic
Before - click picture to enlarge
Analysis - breaking the plate and the repair strength - video
After - click picture to enlarge
invisible porcelain repair
IMPORTANT: Ceramic restoration materials are not food safe, liquid or heat proof (over 190 degree F) and repaired items should not be used on cooking or food serving ware more...

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